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Welcome to 5EO

The Five Eastern Counties; Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry and Prescott Russell welcome you to our Local Immigration Partnership website!

Throughout 2011 the Five Eastern Counties L.I.P. surveyed immigrants, community agencies, local businesses and political leaders on the subject of immigration. The goal of this process was to obtain an accurate assessment of the strengths and challenges in our area and develop a strategy to work together to overcome the challenges, strengthen the weaknesses and promote a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers.


The 5 Counties of Eastern Ontario Local Immigration Partnership Strategy.

LIP Council

A list of the dedicated members of our L.I.P. Council. These individuals provide valuable insight and direction for this project and give us an understanding of the needs in our largely rural community.

Info for Newcomers

Links to help newcomers adjust, such as Settlement Information, Credential Assessment, Employment and Education for newcomers and Spiritual Directory.

Media & Newsletter

Links to pertinent newcomer information, news, stories and special events as well as to the Local Immigration Partnership newsletter. A new newsletter is produced every 3 months.

Tip of the Month

Every month, this tab will provide you with some interesting facts, lead and / or important piece of information. Stay tuned!


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For Employers

This section contains helpful information employers can access, which will help answer questions regarding hiring newcomers.